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UCONS is a utility management and energy services company. With years of experience delivering multi-disciplined services to the conservation industry, UCONS has narrowed its focus to serve the Hard to Reach (HTR) population. During the past twenty years, we have become the most experienced provider of energy services to the multifamily and mobile home markets. We have the capability to provide our partners with a broad range of services and support. This is where UCONS has found the most success and market differentiation. This is also where UCONS can provide the highest level of satisfaction for its utility customer. UCONS’ proven systematic marketing approach implemented to access the HTR market results in high customer penetration rates. This translates into utility contract fulfillment; and more profitable operations. This is a critical performance criterion that many of UCONS competitors fail to achieve. This is the result the utility is looking for. It is this success that perpetuates UCONS string of consecutive contracts with the same utility.

UCONS advocacy in support of the hard-to-reach markets is also furthered by its participation and leadership on several regional and national entities including the Regional Technical Forum, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council and the National Association of Energy Services Companies. Links to each are provided in the right-hand column.

UCONS services vary according to geography and the utility client. The southwestern states have a water and air conditioning conservation orientation. These states also have a growing need to address peak demand. The colder northwestern states tend to target heating use and, to a lesser extent, sewer and water savings. A turnkey list of services for a typical UCONS conservation project encompass: market research, engineering and development, program management, auditing, marketing, training, installation, quality control and assurance and customer support.

Typical measures to be provided residential customers (depending on climate; utility rates and customer needs) might include:

Water and Sewer Savings:
Low flow showerheads
Faucet aerators
Pipe wrap
Pre and post water usage evaluation

Energy Savings:
Space and Water heater conservation
Lighting measures
Energy efficient commercial washer upgrades
Line voltage thermostats
Heat anticipating thermostats
Infiltration measures
Furnace filter replacement
Water heating DSM peak load reduction programs

Hot water pipe wraps
Floor, wall and ceiling insulation
More efficient windows
Duct sealing
Window replacement

Property Owner and Mobile Home Utility Management services include:
Utility and Commission representation
Electric utility rate analysis
Water and garbage rate analysis
Conservation potential assessment
Tenant conservation education and information
Submetering of master metered accounts for water and/or energy services

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