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Manufactured Home PSE Insulation Rebate ends June 30th

Call for your free estimate before program ends.

Secure a Rebate up to 2/3rds the Cost

By insulating and sealing leaks, you can boost the overall efficiency of your house, which saves you money and keeps you more comfortable throughout every season.

Floor Insulation
If your home just never seems comfortable enough no matter how high you blast the heat or A/C, you may need to weatherize. Insulation is a simple way to increase your home’s comfort, conserve energy and save money. And to make things even easier, Puget Sound Energy is offering to cover two-thirds of the cost for floor insulation materials and installation to qualifying customers.

To qualify, you must:
• Live in a manufactured home heated primarily with electricity from PSE
• Live in your home year-round (i.e. not a vacation home)
• Own your home or have permission from your landlord to participate
• Currently have R-0 to R-7 floor insulation (approximately 2” or less of insulation)

PSE Offers Floor Insulation Incentives, Free Duct Sealing for Electric Customers Living in Manufactured Homes

New Programs Can Reduce Heating Costs by More Than 20 Percent While Adding Comfort

BELLEVUE, Wash. (Feb. 18, 2015) – Air leakage and inadequate insulation could result in energy waste in your manufactured home. For this reason, Puget Sound Energy is excited to offer floor insulation incentives and free duct sealing designed to increase comfort and help customers manage their energy bills. These energy-efficiency programs are available to PSE electric customers living in electrically heated manufactured homes.

PSE has teamed up with an authorized service provider to deliver the free duct sealing upgrades. A certified specialist will seal the ductwork and ensure that heated air is delivered to the home most efficiently, typically reducing heating costs by 20 percent or more. During the service, the contractor will also install free LED light bulbs, furnace air filters and high-performance showerheads – up to a $500 value – at no cost to eligible PSE customers.

Qualifying customers living in manufactured homes can also benefit from improved floor insulation. Those interested in taking advantage of the floor insulation program can receive an incentive from PSE, which covers up to two-thirds of the cost for floor insulation materials and installation.

To qualify, you must be a PSE electric customer living in a manufactured home primarily heated by electricity. Homeowners who have previously received PSE’s free manufactured home duct sealing upgrades are not eligible for the same service, but may qualify for the floor insulation incentive.