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As chair of the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO’s) residential committee since 1995, Tom Eckhart has been instrumental in the development of cost effective and rigorous evaluation standards for residential programs. As a result, Tom has served not only as the contract administrator for each of UCONS’ programs but also has designed and implemented a number of evaluation studies to verify and document energy savings in the hard-to-reach market.

UCONS has conducted a pre and post billing history study of 500 homes in Snohomish County PUD service area (of a similar duct test & sealing program delivered by UCONS to the PUD). These energy savings was presented to the Regional Technical Forum (RTF) in February 2009.

More recently, a billing history evaluation of nearly 9000 homes was completed in 2010-2011 so that PSE would have additional data regarding the cost effectiveness for different levels of duct seal treatments.  As a result, PSE will have information on the cost effectiveness for duct sealing in natural gas homes as well as additional data on the energy savings for measures other than duct sealing.

The current UCONS MH program for PSE has an M&V budget to conduct a pre and post billing history of the nearly 8200 electrically heated and 800 natural gas heated MH treated by UCONS for PSE in 2010 and 2011.  This study will be the largest and most comprehensive pre and post billing history conducted in the Northwest.  The PSE approved evaluation protocol was submitted to the RTF for review and approval in 2010.  The final result of this independent study is currently scheduled to be completed January 2012.  The very large number of homes being evaluated will enable a segmentation of energy savings by energy saved (in parks), energy saved (not in parks), electricity space heating energy saved, natural gas space heating energy saved, rnergy savings as a function of level of treatment provided, and energy savings for DIMS only.

Under Mr. Eckhart’s leadership, UCONS is an active participant in the RTF and has played a lead role in the development and backup of pre and post billing history studies to the RTF (for the residential sectors).  The methods employed for UCONS’ program evaluations are in full accordance with the current RTF standards for developing energy savings for individual measures.

In addition, UCONS is the current design and evaluation engineer supporting the $26 million California MH park program (for PG&E, SCE, SDGE and SCG).  Already an established leader in measurement and validation among energy service companies, UCONS has strengthened its capacity by retaining Howard Reichmuth and Greg Sullivan, two of the most experienced residential program evaluators in the United States.







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