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Mobile Homes

Secure a Rebate to Cover a Portion of the Cost

By insulating and sealing leaks, you can boost the overall efficiency of your house, which saves you money and keeps you more comfortable throughout every season.

Floor Insulation
If your home just never seems comfortable enough no matter how high you blast the heat or A/C, you may need to weatherize. Insulation is a simple way to increase your home’s comfort, conserve energy and save money. And to make things even easier, Puget Sound Energy is offering a rebate up to $600 for floor insulation materials and installation to qualifying customers.

To qualify, you must:
• Live in a manufactured home heated primarily with electricity from PSE
• Live in your home year-round (i.e. not a vacation home)
• Own your home or have permission from your landlord to participate
• Currently have R-0 to R-7 floor insulation (approximately 2” or less of insulation)

Puget Sound Energy & Washington State University
Bellevue, Washington

Since 1993, UCONS provided space and water heating conservation services to over 11,000 Puget Sound Energy mobile home customers. This program provided customers with water conservation savings in excess of 25,000,000 gallons annually and reduced electrical usage by 3 aMW.

During 2010 and 2011, UCONS developed and implemented for PSE a highly successful manufactured home (MH) duct seal program, reaching nearly 8000 customers. The program has been completed within budget and ahead of schedule for PSE and its MH customers. UCONS’ program for PSE was significantly modified in August 2010 to include an ARRA funded budget administered by Washington State University. The amended scope of work for WSU and PSE met or exceeded each of the 9 program elements. PSE and UCONS were the sole ARRA funded programs to achieve this feat. UCONS has again demonstrated we have the capability to address all service delivery requirements and was again hired in 2012-2013 to serve 7500 manufactured home customers inside and out of park locations.

Snohomish County PUD
Everett, Washington

UCONS was selected in a competitive bidding solicitation in 2005 to provide a mobile home weatherization program to an estimated 1500 mobile home customers of Snohomish. The program provided a comprehensive set of measures including: duct test and sealing; furnace filters; water heating measures and lighting measures. The program was launched in September 2005 and was completed in June 2006.

Southern California Edison
Rosemead, California

Since 1998, CAL-UCONS, Inc. delivered five separate programs for customers of SCE. Our “hard-to-reach” program was proposed to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in July 2000. Today this multifamily and mobile home program has been implemented by the four investor owned utilities on a state-wide basis. This program focuses on providing lighting, water heating and duct sealing measures to under-served customers. CAL-UCONS has also participated in the SCE residential contractor program (RCP).This program focuses on duct sealing and lighting measures. The program was completed in July 1999.
Most recently, UCONS and American Synergy partnered a winning proposal to the California Public Utilities Commission in January 2002. Our proposal, for the comprehensive weatherization of 7000 mobile homes in SCE’s service area, was selected and a contract was executed in August. Southern California Edison will administer this contract for the CPUC.

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