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Multi Family

Multifamily customers are hard-to-reach. Building owners do not pay the utility bills and tenants will not install conservation measures in a property they don’t own. UCONS has designed specialized programs and marketing strategies to successfully reach this market.  As a result, UCONS has provided conservation services to more multifamily customers than any other energy services company in the nation. A description of several of the UCONS projects follow:

Puget Sound Energy
Bellevue, Washington

Since 1984, UCONS provided full service water heating measures to nearly 100,000 multifamily customers. These upgrades included the delivery, installation, service and monitoring of 350,000 conservation products and have provided customers with water conservation savings in excess of 200,000,000 gallons annually and more than 10 aMW of new conservation resources.

Pacific Power
Portland, Oregon

UCONS was the successful bidder to provide a residential conservation program in response to Pacific’s 1992 RFP for demand resources. Our Washington program provided water and electrical conservation measures to 7,000 multifamily customers, conserving water usage of 20,000,000 gallons annually and 1 aMW of energy savings.

UCONS was also selected by Pacific in 1993 to provide conservation services to low-income single family, mobile home and multifamily customers in Oregon. Our program provided for the delivery of all cost effective weatherization plus space and water heating measures. This pay-for-performance program began operation in January 1994. The installation phase was concluded in March 1995.

During 1995 and 1996, UCONS provided over 30,000 multifamily dwellings in Oregon with comprehensive energy conservation measures. These upgrades included the design, installation, and monitoring of services which provided Pacific Power with over 7 aMW of new conservation resources. Water conservation savings of 69,000,000 gallons annually were also achieved.

Avista Utilities
Spokane, Washington
was selected in a competitive bidding solicitation in 2007 to provide a comprehensive MF program in the utility’s Washington and Idaho service areas. The program provided a comprehensive set of measures to 11,232 electric and gas tenant customers including: interior tenant and common area lighting; windows; floor and ceiling insulation; commercial washers in common area laundry rooms; low flow showerheads & aerators; and hot water pipe wrap. The program was completed in 2009 and provided Avista annual savings of 14,950,000 kWh and 95,900 therms.

UCONS has also worked with many other West Coast utilities in delivering similar programs including:

  • PacifiCorp, Portland, Oregon
  • Portland General Electric, Portland, Oregon
  • Pacific Gas & Electric, San Francisco, California
  • San Diego Gas and Electric, San Diego, California
  • Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Companies, Los Angeles, California

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