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Water Saving

How To Reduce Water Bills With UCONS

Water is something that every living organism needs to live — you drink it, cook with it, bathe with it and clean with it. However, water can also be one of the most wasted commodities in your household if you do not have your water use under control. If you, like many homeowners, are interested in learning how to reduce water bills, you will be able to do so when you read on and take in the UCONS guidelines below. Follow these tips and work side by side with UCONS so that their skilled plumbing and HVAC contractors are able to look out for you and curb your water waste.

#1 Purchase An Energy Star Rated Solar Powered Water Heater

One of the most important things that you can do to curb water waste is investing in new technological advancements when you buy your appliances. You should endeavor to upgrade to green and eco-friendly Energy Star certified water-related appliances, including your water heater. One of the best decisions that you can make is the purchase an Energy Star solar water heater. Rather than wasting natural resources, your water heater will be powered by sunlight and is also often tankless, allowing you to drastically reduce the amount of water that you use. This will in turn let you save plenty of money on your water bill each and every month.

#2 Saving Water – Curb Your Bad Water Habits and Get Low Flow Shower Head

If you are like most homeowners, chances are high that you regularly practice some wasteful water habits. To start saving money while you bathe, you should first and foremost resolve to take showers as opposed to baths. Baths are incredibly wasteful and take up a huge amount of water. This will help you to get clean without having to fill up your tub and will give you far more control over how much money that you use. You should also invest in new shower heads, which will give you control over the amount of water that is used. For best results, you should purchase a low flow shower head. Furthermore, be sure that you do things like wash your laundry with cold water and never leave faucets running unless you are actively using the water that is coming out of the faucet.

#3 Saving Water – Get Annual Inspections And Repairs On Your Utilities

The best thing you can do to reduce your water bills is reaching out to UCONS, because they can conduct inspections on an annual basis, which will allow you to take care of any repairs or maintenance steps that you need. Doing this will provide you with the opportunity to get items fixed as soon as something goes wrong. They will be able to fix your pipes, appliances and any sources of leaks, giving you the best chance possible to take your water use to the next level, as you will also reduce your water bills on a month to month basis.

So follow these three tips and give UCONS a call.

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